Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity

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By Scott Watson (©2011, Oxford University Press)

In Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity, author, composer and veteran music educator Dr. Scott Watson shares the philosophical underpinning and pedagogical framework for implementing a creative, tech-infused approach to music learning. The book includes many example activities and lessons (large and small) for the project-based learning approach put forth.

Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity is used across the country…

  • As a music education text at many universities for undergraduate music education majors taking a survey of music technology course and by graduate music education students taking specific courses on integrating music technology in their teaching.

  • By in-service teachers looking for ideas, lessons and methodology for sparking creativity in their music students.

What are others saying about Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity?

"In his thought-provoking and motivating book Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity, Scott Watson opens a portal to a fresh and inspiring realm of ideas that take music education to new levels. The book presents ideas for handling the lack of creativity in the traditional music classroom through the philosophical and practical application of music technology. Watson's strong background in composition and wealth of teaching experience provide an expert perspective on how music educators at all levels can implement creative projects...Scott Watson has created a treasure trove of ideas for taking the doldrums out of the music classroom while facilitating technology implementation. This book is a highly recommended resource for any music teacher looking for a fresh atmosphere in the classroom."

--Reviewer John S. Bailey writing in MENC Journal, September 2012

"I wish I had this book or Watson as a teacher when I was growing up. But we all have him now...Anyone with an interest in creative teaching should get this book - it comes with a whole lot of metaphorical wheels that you won't have to reinvent. Treat yourself to a springboard for your creative teaching using Scott Watson's thoughtful and informative book."

--Reviewer Jeffrey Agrell, University of Iowa, in The Horn Call, October 2012

"...a comprehensive work, highly readable and packed with good ideas. I cannot think of another single volume that does the job as well as this book. Highly recommended."

--Reviewer David Ashworth, Teaching Music (UK) website

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"[Watson's] book is brimming with information, pedagogical approaches, overviews of music software and hardware, and ready-to-implement lesson plans demonstrating how to make the connections between music technology and musical creativity….Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity is a book of extraordinary value and usefulness to music educators. Dr. Watson - a seasoned music educator who has spent years reflecting on and refining music technology's use in the classroom to unlock students' creativity with music - shares with his readers the vital connections between music technology and musical creativity. Best of all, in Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity Watson teaches us to make those same connections."

--Reviewer Douglas Thompson, January 2012 issue of General Music Today

(The online version of the review can be found here)

"Scott Watson puts forth a wealth of information, lesson plans, and innovative ideas intended to get music teachers thinking of new and creative ways to use the technology they have at their disposal to increase the creative opportunities that they provide to their students...Scott Watson's innovative spirit and forward thinking attitude toward the use of technology in music education is refreshing and inspiring."

--Music technology reviewer, Chad Criswell (August, 2011,

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