1921 silent film comedy starring the Buster Keaton, with new, original music by Scott Watson

A unique concert experience for live ensemble synced to silent film comedy on the big screen!

THE GOAT on YouTube...

Starring silent film legend, Buster Keaton, this newly recut version (24 mins. in length) syncs with new/original music (Grade 5) for theater ensemble by Scott Watson

Commissioned by the New Holland Band (New Holland, PA), Dr. Kenneth Laudermilch, Director ; premiering October 7, 2023 at Cairn University (Langhorne, PA).

THE GOAT, newly recut and with original music by Scott Watson, was an...

Award-winning, frequently published and commissioned composer, Scott Watson, has created a new score (Grade 5) to the classic 1921 Buster Keaton slapstick comedy, THE GOAT (24 mins). Watson’s music, synthesizes contemporary harmonic language with roaring 20’s pop idioms, is scored for a large theater ensemble*, as follows: Flute 1 & 2, Clarinet 1 & 2, Alto Sax, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet 1 & 2, French Horn, Trombone 1 & 2, Tuba, Violin 1 & 2, Cello, Percussion 1 (Drum Set, Aux.), Percussion 2 (Mallets, Timp). 

*The ensemble may be one-on-a-part, or doubled as desired.

PROGRAM NOTES: In this 1921 slapstick comedy, a series of zany adventures ensue when our hero – a down-and-out, depression-era fellow – is accidentally photographed for a mugshot, causing him to be mistaken for the notorious Dead Shot Dan. His newfound notoriety leads to him being chased throughout the film by the town’s police chief. In a momentary pause in the action, Buster’s character falls in lovewith a beautiful young girl…who turns out to be the police chief’s daughter! Throughout the film, we see both the deadpan facial expression and graceful athleticism (doing his own stunts) for which Keaton is known.

THE GOAT was written and directed by Buster Keaton and Malcolm St. Clair, produced by Joseph M. Schenck, and starred Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Joe Roberts, Malcolm St. Clair, Edward Cline, and Jean Havez. It was originally distributed in 1921 by Metro Pictures, and is now in the Public Domain. This version, with new/original music by Scott Watson, uses video recut and edited by Scott Watson.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A series of zany adventures begins when Buster is accidentally photographed for a mugshot, causing him to be mistaken for the notorious Dead Shot Dan.

THE GOAT in Concert!

Check out this video overview of the premiere of Watson's new/original score for THE GOAT, performed LIVE, in concert (with Buster Keaton's silent film comedy synced on the big screen) at Cairn University by the New Holland Band.

Opening Studio Logo Sequence

THE GOAT may be performed with or without this opening "studio logo sequence" acknowledging the New Holland Band, which commissioned the work.

The Goat "Teaser" 1

Opening Credits, Millionaire's Row

The Goat "Teaser" 2

Cops Chasing Buster!

The Goat "Teaser" 3

The Girl with the Dog

The Goat "Teaser" 4

Elevator Chase / Finale

The Goat "Teaser" 5

Chase Through the Hospital!