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Scott Watson

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NEW MUSIC for 2024!

Joy Dance (Gr. 3)

Inspired by 2 Samuel 6:14 (“And David danced before the Lord with all his might…”), the piece combines artifacts of popular and contemporary music.  Complete recording:

Adventus (Gr. 1)

Adventus, meaning "arrival" or "debut" and celebratory in nature. Written squarely for Grade 1 players but with an attractive, mature sound that belies its level, Adventus would make the perfect concert opener or closer.

Pirate Kings from the East (Gr. 1.5)

Imagine the legendary journey of the Three Kings transported from the desert to the high seas, swapping the traditional caravan of camels with a fearsome tall ship and pirate crew! Complete recording: 

Featured Composition

Balkan Seven (Alfred, Grade 3)

"Balkan Seven," a J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice, gets its inspiration from the lively dance music of the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe encompassing Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia. 7/8 is the most popular uneven dance rhythm in all of Balkan music, especially in Macedonia, where a line dance with a 3+2+2 subdivision is prevalent. Balkan Seven transports players and audience to an exciting, folksy street dance party!


The Music of Scott Watson on Alfred's Score & Sound YouTube Channel!

(Grade 1.5)

(Grade 1)

Celebratory Fanfare (Gr. 1) FLEX, Escape from Thunder Mountain (Gr. 1.5) FLEX, Rock Solid (Gr. 2) FLEX,  At the Feast of Stephen (Gr. 1) FLEX !

Video created to enhance the music as it is performed live in concert!

Composer Name That Tune Challenge!

A silly, little game show where I attempt to guess my own compositions after hearing only 5 seconds of each. See how I did!

Interested in scheduling a "Virtual" Rehearsal with composer, Scott Watson? 

A NEW collection of flexible instrumentation and instrument-specific solos, with piano accompaniment. Available in SmartMusic and at Each solo comes with SI Soloist Exercises which help prepare the player, and Sound Advice program notes and rehearsal tips. 

by Scott Watson: 

Monarch (Solo Flute and Piano, Grade 3).

Mustang Spirit (any Band Instrument and Piano, Grade 2)

Sur la Glace (Solo Oboe and Piano, Grade 2)

Dance of the Night (and Band Instrument and Piano, Grade 2)

MakeMusic interview at the 2022 Midwest Clinic in Chicago.


Soli Deo Gloria!