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NIGHT JOURNEY (Wingert-Jones, Grade 4)

Inspired by Theodore Roetke's 1940 poem, Night Journey, which portrays a nocturnal train ride across America's heartland, from the perspective of the rider looking out his window.  The music - like the poem - conjures the mechanical energy of locomotive travel of the time using engaging ostinati, an array of percussion, and artifacts of early 20th-century jazz/blues.

Complete PROGRAM NOTES, including the text of the poem (CLICK HERE).

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Gift of Hope

(Grade 4)

Balkan Seven

(Grade 3)

Terracotta Warriors

(Grade 2.5)

Awesome Sauce

(Grade 1)

Driving Force

(Grade 1.5)

Celebratory Fanfare (Gr. 1) FLEX, Escape from Thunder Mountain (Gr. 1.5) FLEX, Rock Solid (Gr. 2) FLEX,  At the Feast of Stephen (Gr. 1) FLEX !

Social Distancing Blues

Available as FREE content in SmartMusic (visit for any band instrument or voice and piano. Performed here by the Dolcetto Trio (

Composer Name That Tune Challenge!

A silly, little game show where I attempt to guess my own compositions after hearing only 5 seconds of each. See how I did!

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by Scott Watson: 

Monarch (Solo Flute and Piano, Grade 3).

Mustang Spirit (any Band Instrument and Piano, Grade 2)

Sur la Glace (Solo Oboe and Piano, Grade 2)

Dance of the Night (and Band Instrument and Piano, Grade 2)

MakeMusic interview at the 2022 Midwest Clinic in Chicago.


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