Thanks for taking the time to look over this overview of my new concert band releases for 2012, available very soon at JW Pepper and other music retailers.  I hope youŐll check out the titles/links below as you consider music for your program.



Thrills and Trills! (Alfred Challenger Series). This circus-style march is a rambunctious, thrill-a-minute crowd-pleaser where trills are the main event and every player in band gets into the act. Great fun!

Call to Valor (Alfred Challenger Series, 2012 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). A perfect concert opener or closer, the piece begins with a brief, animated introduction followed by a bold fanfare theme. A quieter, contrasting section builds to the return of the opening material.

Appalachian Folk Carol (Alfred Challenger Series). This hauntingly beautiful arrangement of ŇJesus, Jesus, Rest Your HeadÓ explores the Nativity with peaceful reverence and mysterious wonder. 


When Men and Mountains Meet (Wingert-Jones Achievement Series, 2012 JW Pepper Editor's Choice).  The recording is not posted yet at JW Pepper, but hereŐs a sound clip). This work portrays the immense effort and determination it took build a mountain community (i.e. blasting rock, moving earth, etc.). Opening with man's first intimidating encounter with the mountain, it then builds with a faster, insistent theme as the area is settled and developed.  If you liked my Awake the Iron, I know youŐll like this 2011 East Stroudsburg Area School District ComposerŐs Series commission.


Old-Fashioned Sleigh Ride (Alfred Debut Series). If this were a painting it could be a Currier & Ives print; a warm, nostalgic musical portrait of a one-horse, open-sleigh ride. Woven into the easy-going theme are the clip-clop of horse's hooves, the regular ringing of bells on bobtails, and the occasional whip and horse's whinny.

Quick and Easy Carols for Band (Wingert-Jones). Nine of your favorite carols arranged in four parts to work for almost any instrument combination. Written to be rehearsed and ready to play in about one or two meetings with your young instrumentalists (elementary/middle school). Comes with piano reduction, vocal parts (for caroling), and more!


Huckleberry Hedgehog (Alfred Debut Series, 2012 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). As the piece portrays the happy, but somewhat quirky, exploits of a spiny little mammal it offers beginning band students the chance to play fun, expressive music by combining a limited number of pitches typically presented in the first year of instruction with a variety of interesting articulation and dynamic markings.


Grade 1: At the Feast of Stephen (Alfred Debut Series, 2009 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). Your audience is transported to a Medieval banquet hall with this rustic, lively setting of "Good King Wenceslas.Ó

Grade 1: Heavy Metal (Alfred Debut Series, 2009 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). A driving rock beat, catchy "hook," and infectious power chord rhythm help you feature own "heavy metal" section, the low brass (doubled for confidence), with prominent yet playable parts.

Grade 1.5: Awake the Iron (Alfred Debut Series, 2010 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). A rousing, aggressive work, selected for performance at the 2010 Midwest Clinic.

Grade 1.5-2: Tu Ungane (Alfred Challenger Series, 2012 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). The Swahili title means, ŇLetŐs come together.Ó The exuberant piece is based on Tanzanian (East African) folk music.

Grade 2.5: Lion of Ireland (Alfred Young Symphonic Series, 2011 Bandworld Top 100 list). An exciting concert piece based on "Brian Boru's March," a traditional Irish tune named for the legendary 11th-century ruler.

Grade 3: Night Journey (Wingert-Jones Concert Band Series, 2011 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). This programmatic work uses vivid musical imagery to evoke a nocturnal train ride across America. Commissioned for/performed at the Massachusetts MEA Conference in Boston.

Grade 3.5: Magic Valley (Alfred Concert Band Series, 2009 JW Pepper EditorŐs Choice). Based on a hymn tune-like melody, this tone piece begins tenderly, but wraps up in a stirring, majestic manner.

Grade 4: AesopŐs Fables (Alfred Concert Band Series). Four movements for narrator and band: The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Dog and the Bone, and The Wolf and His Shadow.