Here are some recent and popular seasonal selections of mine for young band, all available at JW Pepper and other music retailers.  I hope you’ll check out the titles/links below as you consider music for your winter/holiday program this year.


At the Feast of Stephen (Alfred Debut Series, Grade 1-1.5) Your audience is transported to a Medieval banquet hall with this rustic, lively setting of "Good King Wenceslas.” J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice, available in SmartMusic.


Hanukkah Is Here (Alfred, Grade 1-1.5).  Alfred's catalog says, “This work musically conveys both reflection and joy with colorful scoring and expressive writing.”  I'm very proud of the orchestration's symphonic effect for this age player. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.


Jolly Old St. Nick (Alfred, Grade .5-1). The perfect fit for your young band's winter concert. This familiar holiday tune is set in a light and airy fashion and is heard throughout in brief solos for each section. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.


March Of The Tin Soldiers (Wingert-Jones, Grade 1) – Co-arranger, Mark Syslo, and I feature themes from Leon Jessel's popular march Parade of the Tin (or Wooden) Soldiers, probably best known from the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes "Christmas Spectacular" show. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.


Dreidl Adventure (Wingert-Jones, Grade 1.5) - An exciting arrangement of "S'vivon" (The Dreidl) inspired by action-adventure film! The imagery of the spinning dreidl is aptly portrayed in this spirited, rhythmically charged Hanukkah song. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.


Snow Day Adventure (Alfred, Grade 1.5) – This piece begins when the alarm clock sounds and school-aged children realize it’s going to be a “Snow Day” off from school! Light-hearted, brief, and fun.


Joyful Rock (Alfred, Grade 1). This pop-beat arrangement of the Beethoven "Ode to Joy" theme alternates bright, happy tutti passages with features for various sections. Upbeat and joyful from start to finish! J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice, available in SmartMusic.


Regal Fanfare And March (Alfred, Grade 1) - Powder your wig, polish your shoes, and get ready to enter the court of an 18th-century monarch with this bright, majestic concert work! Despite its pomp and grandeur, the rhythms, ranges, and scoring of this work in rondo form are right on target for younger players. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice, available in SmartMusic.


Up On a Haunted Housetop (Alfred, Grade 1.5). “Once on a spooky Christmas eve, as Santa was making deliveries, a fog rolled in and howls rang out, and Santa landed on a haunted house!” The creative premise of this piece leads to a spooky-cool treatment of the Christmas favorite, “Up On the Housetop.” The piece includes an optional narrator part (which reveals a surprise ending), and uses “toy” percussion instruments to great effect. J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.


Old-Fashioned Sleigh Ride (Alfred, Grade 1-1.5). If this were a painting it could be a Currier & Ives print; a warm, nostalgic musical portrait of a one-horse, open-sleigh ride. Woven into the easy-going theme are the clip-clop of horse's hooves, the regular ringing of bells on bobtails, and the occasional whip and horse's whinny.


On Holiday (C.L. Barnhouse, Grade 2). Bright and happy, this piece evokes the air of excitement all kids feel when they're getting away from school for a break to go “on holiday.” Appropriate for a holiday concert or even for your spring concert (with spring break and summer vacation at hand).


Appalachian Folk Carol (Alfred, Grade 2). This hauntingly beautiful arrangement of “Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head” explores the Nativity with peaceful reverence and mysterious wonder.


Quick and Easy Carols for Band (Wingert-Jones, Grade 1-2). Nine of your favorite carols arranged in four parts to work for almost any instrument combination. Written to be rehearsed and ready to play in about one or two meetings with your young band (elementary/middle school). Comes with piano reduction, vocal parts (for caroling), and more! Grade 1.5 – 2


Ghosts In The Graveyard (Alfred, Grade 1) – Spooky melodies and sounds come to life in this fun piece for young band. The piece gives your low brass and woodwinds some prominent melodic material, makes clever use of novel percussion, and even includes a flute section "scream". J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice, available in SmartMusic.




Dreidl Adventure (Wingert-Jones String Orchestra Series, Grade 1.5-2). String orchestra version of the above listed arrangement of "S'vivon" (The Dreidl), inspired by action-adventure film!




THANK YOU for your interest in my music and your support!


With regard, Scott