Dear Friend and Colleague,

As the new school year approaches I wanted to share with you my new releases for concert band (all levels). I’d be honored if you’d consider these as you decide what music to put before your students this year. Links are to J.W. Pepper listings where you can hear full recordings.

If there is ever anything I can do to help you or your program, please let me know.

With high regard,

Scott Watson


Twitter: @scott_watson


NEW Grade 4-5

AQUATICA (Alfred, Grade 4) – A celebration of water craft and creature, and a tribute to musician and educator, Robert Gross, III, whose life inspired the piece. A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

FLOURISH ON AN EASTER HYMNTUNE (TRN, Grade 5) – A joyous, rhythmically energetic, setting based on “Christ the Lord Is Ris’n Today.”


NEW Grade 1-2

EL CID (Alfred, Grade 2) – This exciting Spanish march musically portrays the thrilling adventures of a legendary historical figure. A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

DORIAN HAIKU (Alfred, Grade 2) - Two centuries-old cultural artifacts - one Western (the Dorian mode) and one Eastern (Haiku poetry) - are fused together in this uniquely work, resulting in an engaging and beautiful composition for intermediate band. Described as “unique and interesting…thoughtful and fresh”  in a Summer 2014 review in The Instrumentalist magazine.

DREIDL ADVENTURE (Wingert-Jones, Grade 2) - An exciting arrangement of "S'vivon" (The Dreidl) inspired by action-adventure film! A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

MARCH OF THE TIN SOLDIERS (Wingert-Jones, Grade 1) – Co-arranger, Mark Syslo, and I feature themes from Leon Jessel's popular march Parade of the Tin (or Wooden) Soldiers, probably best known from the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes "Christmas Spectacular" show. A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.

SNOW DAY ADVENTURE (Alfred, 1.5) – This piece begins when the alarm clock sounds and school-aged children realize it’s going to be a “Snow Day” off from school! Light-hearted, brief, and fun.


Other POPULAR TITLES from Recent Years!

NIGHT JOURNEY (Wingert-Jones, Grade 4) – Based on the Theodore Roethke poem of the same name, the vivid imagery and evocative scenery of a nocturnal train ride are conveyed musically in this programmatic work. Colorful and creative sounds allude to the power and movement of the locomotive as it builds up energy before being hurled relentlessly through the dark and expansive countryside. A J.W. Pepper “Editor’s Choice,” and available in SmartMusic.

LION OF IRELAND (Alfred, Grade 3) - An exciting concert piece based on "Brian Boru's March," a traditional Irish tune named for the legendary 11th-century ruler. Selected for the 2011 Bandworld Top 100 list. 

HERCULES VS. THE HYDRA (Alfred, Grade 2) - One of the greatest heroes of all legends comes to life in this vivid depiction. The Greek hero Hercules was to endure twelve seemingly impossible labors; this programmatic piece portrays the second of these tests - his epic battle with a nine-headed serpent! A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice, available in SmartMusic.

TU UNGANE (Alfred, Grade 2) - Tu Ungane means "Let's join together" in Swahili. As the title suggests, this piece blends East African folk music with original material in the British-African high-life style. A J.W. Pepper "Editor's Choice," available in SmartMusic.

AWAKE THE IRON (Alfred, Grade 1.5) - "Desperta ferro!" ("Awake the Iron!") was a Medieval Spanish battle cry, referring to the sparks that flew as soldiers banged their swords against rocks in the eerie light of dawn. With its insistent unisons, energetic rhythms, modal themes, and powerful percussive writing, Awake the Iron mirrors the ferocious intensity of the medieval battlefield. A J.W. Pepper "Editor's Choice," selected for the 2010 Bandworld Top 100 list, and available in SmartMusic.

REGAL FANFARE AND MARCH (Alfred, Grade 1) - Powder your wig, polish your shoes, and get ready to enter the court of an 18th-century monarch with this bright, majestic concert work! Despite its pomp and grandeur, the rhythms, ranges, and scoring of this work in rondo form are right on target for younger players. A J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice, available in SmartMusic.

GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD (Alfred, Grade 1) – Spooky melodies and sounds come to life in this fun piece for young band. The piece gives your low brass and woodwinds some prominent melodic material, makes clever use of novel percussion, and even includes a flute section "scream". A J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice, available in SmartMusic.